Hm, why is it we have to experience defeat? Why did it take Thomas Edison many, many failed attempts at creating the electric lightbulb? How come the oldest woman to circumnavigate by sailboat had to crash on her first attempt? Why, oh why do I have so many challenges making a successful website?

I can’t answer these questions. What I do know is that perseverance and a sense of gratitude pay off. Sailing presents the opportunity for many failed attempts as well as those rarely exceptional days of beam reaching along crystal clear waters. Metaphorically, sailing on reminds us to steer clear of obstacles that hurt. With a sense of humor my husband would remind me to stay away from hard objects!

It is with a sense of humor that I implore you to take each day in stride, sail with the wind, and appreciate what you do.

The primary purpose of this website is to be of value to others. Resources include Oprah and Deepak’s mediation that focuses on grace, friends who are teaching me to put others first, and family who reminds me of who is important. Best reads include Joshua Slocum’s Solo Circumnavigation, Boys Held Captive, and The Little Train that Could. Favorite songs include Patsy Cline’s “I Have Your Pictures,” Roberta Flack’s “The First Time Ever I saw Your Face,” and the Isley Brother’s “Twist and Shout.”

As we sail through life together we need to share our successes in order to minimize our defeats.

After I get the blog going, I will add categories such as beginning and advanced sailing skills, enhancing our lives, dedications, and things I haven’t yet considered.

Together we will surpass expectations. Welcome aboard s/v R & M (real and metaphorically).