In my first serious research about bottom paint I have learned that the first order of business is learning the language. To learn the language the first thing is defining the terms. Isn’t this always the case with learning something new?

About bottom paints. Start with what you know. As limited as that is, I already know there are two general types of bottom paint; hard and ablative. My choice is an ablative paint. Ablative meaning it sloughs off over time by the action of moving water and during wipe downs. Usually a soft cloth of scotch brite type scrubby works well.

What is not known is which ablative will best suit SPRAY’s needs. She lives in the warm brackish water on the Baron River in Everglades City. During the past four years she has sailed offshore to Bermuda then through the Bahamas and on to the Dominican Republic. For now, there is consideration of being sold. EEEEKKKKK, regardless her bottom needs some paint.

Two new terms are biocide and irgarol. Irgarol is a type of biocide that contains copper. Practical sailor has information on bottom paints and does a fair explanation of containments. It is still confusing as to which choice is best.

To be honest this little ditty about bottom paint is being presented as a way to also learn how to navigate and enhance my new website. After all if I am going to give up sailing, I guess I will pursue writing….looks like a further re-invention of who is Sassea the Sailor.