Learning how to do anything can be simple or a challenge. Some things come easy, almost automatic for some people yet can be challenging to others. This phenomena is one of the many dynamics that make us an individual.

For today think of something that is a challenge. Learning how to make a successful website is foremost on my mind. Playing the piano, sailing solo around the world, and being a desirable mate are also on my list. For me, learning is a lifelong, daily endeavor. Whatever your take on learning is matters only to you.

What the research shows is that learning is best accomplished in small doses over a long period of time. One reason is that our brain needs time to process what is being learned. Another reason is that our memory needs consistent reminders to become ingrained. Some suggest fifteen minutes a day of playing the piano over a three or four week period is an effective way to learn a particular piece of music. Banging away at the keys for two hours one day, then not playing again for a month is most likely to yield poorer results.

With that example I am taking the liberty to learn to use the word press system for creating a successful website. A computer savvy friend suggested I use wordpress.com. “It will be easy for you. It is the one I use.”  Ha, ha, ha,,,,,,,,, whenever someone who is proficient at something tells you it is easy, be aware!

After struggling with near tears in my eyes I almost gave up producing a website using word press. Luckily before falling asleep that night I listened to an audio tape about living with grace  (http://choprameditationcenter.com). During the meditation my mind settled on my uncanny ability to persevere. “Never give up the ship,” is a quote I take literally and figuratively. The question then became, what do I need to do to produce a successful website using wordpress?

Amazingly when I woke the simple answer lurked at me. In the reflection of my pitch black morning cup of joe I saw an image resembling my degree of Doctor of Education. Duh? My speciality was (or is) adult learning. With that ‘aha’ I have embarked on a regiment of daily learning about word press. For me, it is a work in progress. It may take me a year, a month, a day or my lifetime. The time it takes matters not. That is, as long as I spend at least a few minutes three to five times a week I bet I will have a successful website.

Because today’s lesson includes adding a link. I present Skip Weisman a workplace communication expert. www.YourChampionshipCompany.com