Just as a river creates its own path and flows at the will of a power greater than it, each of us carves a path in life. Given the choice between facing the unknown or returning to a safe harbor, I chose the later. Seemingly I was trading my lifelong dream to sail around the world for a mate with whom I would make my world.

Why had I given up the loneliness of life at sea? Was it the fear of destroying my boat, running out of money, or dying of some weird disease? How could I let a flirtatious smile change my life’s direction? Perhaps it was all of those dastardly obstructions that changed the waters on which I rode. No longer alone, the s/v Coupleship was created on which my mate and I agreed to board.

Like the good ship lollipop, the s/v Coupleship continues to have the makings of a wondrous life. Yet from the moment we set sail, an ember of defeat burns deep within my soul. Then, tonight, suddenly, like an unexpected clamor of thunder my head shook in a nervous twitch. The walls seemed brighter. My dad’s smile in the picture frame above my laptop appeared more cheerful. No longer was dad telling me to stay away from sailors. Now, he heralds, “let the rain collect beneath your bow.”