How do you keep up the momentum to learn? Here is my current list of ‘go to’ reminders.

a) Jillian Michaels for fitness. Her daily posts remind me to get moving and eat healthy. Just seeing her face in my inbox imbeds the motivation to do at least one of her recommended exercises each day.

b) Tony Robbins for goal setting. At one of his infamous week-end workshops about 15 years ago he retorted about the need to take action. Goal setting, he professed, meant little. It is the action one takes that results in reaching a goal.

c) Skip Weisman, communication expert, reminds us to clearly and concisely let others know what we expect. If spending an hour a day to exercise is important, let your mate know that you are not to be disturbed during that time.

d) Friend’s daughter gives me training guides. For example, her belief of increasing my running time/distance by 20% each week simplifies my training program. From 10 minutes every other day this week I will increase to 12 minutes every other day next week. (only running every other day is the recommendation of most running coaches so that regardless of how far/fast you go your body needs 48 hours to recoup.

e) Poster image I found on internet (regretfully, I forgot the source). This particular image reminds me to hold the plank position for ‘x’ amount of seconds once a day. Then, increase the seconds by 30 every three days. I tried to copy and paste the image here to no avail. As you can see it shows the code but not the image. Soooo—I guess it is time to learn something new —how to copy and paste images………..


  a half hour after this blog post I figured out how to insert the pix. 12039256_920481901365379_4316783551303104534_n

Always learn,  make it  a lifelong event…



f) Self talk. Make a mantra, write it where you will see it; on the bathroom mirror, on your computer desktop, in your car, on the door you frequently enter and exit. Remind yourself, “I need it the most when I feel like it the least.”

g) A publisher/editor of an online magazine,, who encourages me to write about my passion for sailing, literally or metaphorically.

h) Oprah Winfrey and Bob Greene. I can’t believe their book Make the Connection written twenty years ago has become my daily read. Sometimes I read a chapter, other times a page, and still most days I only read a few lines. It is the habit of keeping the momentum going that counts.


What do you do to keep the momentum going?

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