Sure, I could list in order the seven habits of effective people as professed by Steven Covey. Rather, because this site is about learning, I choose to list the 7 habits and let you do the research as well as employ your personal acumen to schedule an order that makes sense to you. I did include a website that gives an in-depth analysis and description of Covey’s book.

Seven Habits:

  1. Be proactive – if its to be, its up to me
  2. Think win/win – its about reaching consensus
  3. Seek to understand – empathy/not everyone thinks like you do
  4. Begin with the end in mind – where are you headed/where do you want to end up
  5. Sharpen the saw – like a piano we need to adjust as time goes on
  6. Synergize – incorporate one thing with another
  7. Ay, the missing habit is left for you to research — homework

Click to access the-7-habits-ofhighly-effective-people.pdf