No one likes a whiner…Yet, most of us have to deal with someone expressing a complaint, even if it is a legitamate one.  Skip Weisman, Workplace Communication Expert,  may have the perfect solution. Skip suggests showing empathy for the complainers  concern and confirming how they want to deal with finding a solution.

Skip gives this example of what you might say to the complainer.

   I can see you’re really (emotion expressed) about (the situation/experience that is the cause).

   Can I ask you a question?

   Are you telling me this because you just want to vent, or because you’d like my help/advice in     resolving the issue.

Use open arms, not flailing around, but not crossed over your chest. Look relaxed. Make eye contact.

For more information and ways to improve your personal and professional relationships visit Skip’s website.

Although geared for the workforce, the concepts and suggestions are just as effective with your spouse, your friend, or your child.