It isn’t everyday one meets an adventurous, cost conscious woman who chooses the life of a modern day vagabound. Unlike those classified as homeless, RV women own their own home and live in. They don’t sleep under bridges, in cardboard boxes of even homeless shelters. The RV women have income, sometimes work, and are self sufficient.

One woman who I recently met drives a big Toyota Tundra pick up. A truck of this size allows her to tow her 5th wheel mobile home where ever she dares to go. The national and state parks have become popular retreats for couples who want a free site. In exchange for the free site these folks are called camp hosts. Their responsibilities include collecting fees, moderating conflicts such as noise compliance and pet annoyances. They also keep the restrooms clean.

Private campgrounds also work out an exchange of work for rent free living. Such is the arrangement of my new found acquaintance. For more information about RV Women, the adventures of this particular gal, and the world in which she lives check out her blog: