Justifying a sudden change in lifestyle as the result of an inadequate supply of confidence an idea finally entered the conscious part of my mind which is helping to ease the embarrassment and concern for regret. “Women Who Sail” is a popular website that is inspires and educates, in a relaxed atmosphere. Indeed the posts inspired me to write about sailing on land. After all, the whole premise for SasseaSails.com is the metaphorical application of sailing. Relating sailing a boat to sailing in a recreational vehicle, soaring over clouds, or even navigating a relationship makes for fun and interesting ideas.

Women do more than sail. To piggyback on that theme a blog on Sasseasails has just been added, “Women Who Change Their Mind.”  Maybe there is already a site with that title. Best do some research before posting.

…Ay, heck maybe posting it first than waiting for responses is the way to go….