Newer cars that use a key fob present a challenge. When your key and fob are misplaced the dealer will charge about $300 to replace it. With no choice but to pay the fee it becomes an unfortunate expense that hurts. Then, the dealer adds the proverbial salt on the wound. The vehicle must be transported to the dealer. Even with free road side assistance, the ordeal becomes a serious dilemma when the key fob is misplaced on a week-end.

When my key turned up missing early on a Saturday morning. I was annoyed. Later in the day I planned to meet with a dear friend whom I haven’t seen in several years and who I might not see again for more years to come. Finding the key fob became stressful after an hour of searching. I was visiting with another friend who had to go to work so for a while I was alone retracing every step I had taken from my last remembrance of holding the key.

Another hour went by when another helpful soul aided in the search. We shuffled our feet in the grass, got on our bellies to look under the car with the missing key and another car parked in the same driveway. Despite my 100 % recollection of returning from a beach walk when I last saw the key fob. Four hours of searching in and around the car where I swore I last saw the fob on the back bumper where I placed it while putting items in the rear section of my week old Subaru Crosstrek began to take its toll.

Still, I decided to walk back to the beach. Maybe I was confused. After all I began my beach walk at first light when the dawn is breaking. Now it was nearing noon. The sun was overhead with barely a cloud in the sky. Every gleam in the grass, every shine in the sand became a ray of hope. Another hour went by. No fob.

By five o’clock in the afternoon I was resigned to ordering a replacement fob and the prospect of calling roadside assistance to tow my car to the dealer on Tuesday. What P____ me off was I would be stranded all day Sunday and Monday without being able to combine the business and pleasure which brought about this mini vacation. The thought of getting my new blue Crosstrek towed would be embarrassing.

Sleep would not come easy. Medatating to calm myself was futile. My appetite deserted me. With the help of a low dose of benadryl I drifted off to sleep. It was a deep sleep. Though I woke up at my usual 5:30 am I felt rested with a renewed sense of hope. Before anyone else in the house was roused my plan was made.

Uber would get me to the airport where I would rent a car allowing me to drive the 250 miles back to my house where two spare keys were sitting atop of my jewelry box. Nearing home I sent a message to my beau telling him I would be home shortly because I needed to get a spare key. It was one of those situations a kid finds themselves in when caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

About ten miles from putting my hands on the spares, my phone rang. My misplaced key  fob was found. My mind started to race as I cancelled the cruise control that held me at 70 mph for the past 3 1/2 hours. Bouncing to a stop as I crossed onto the shoulder of the road I could feel sweat on my brow. Not wanting to admit my carelessness conflicted with my conviction to tell the truth. So, admittedly I made up a little white lie. Kind of a reverse embellishment. Patiently and deliberately I typed each letter of a follow up letter with benevolence promising myself that at some time in the future I would tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. No one was being hurt by message. I just felt a need to save face. After all missing the opportunity to visit long time friends because I had spent one day searching for the misplaced key and another day driving for eight hours straight, save one stop for fuel. Like the cost of the fob, the cost of the fuel and car rental was inconsequential. It was the precious time lost. Time that cannot be replaced. Time, that precious commodity that I was abusing due to my carelessness was priceless. The disappointment of not spending time with people who have been such a good influence on my life has been the saddest consequence.

Soon I will be moving half way across the country. Tomorrow I am cramming a few more visits sandwiched between getting the paperwork and money transferred to close on a new house is nervously anticipated. Between the emotion of saying good-byes with the excitement of securing the bond between my beau and I with the joint ownership of a house that is destined to be our home. A cozy cabin like salt box far from the ocean we have spent our adult lives savoring awaits us between the New Mexico desert and the eastern forefront of the Rocky Mountains.

Ay, the breathtaking view of Spanish Peaks, the forested four acres  surrounding our house, and the romance of creating another chapter in our lives aboard the s/v Coupleship, on the hard,,,, MMMM, just switching my thoughts to the future displaced all the drama and stress of the lost fob…..