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May 2018


No need to translate WTF. I know a gal who uses the expression quite often. Then, suddenly when the reality of losing the second love of my life the only thought in my head for the past week is WTF.

Since I was in junior high school I developed the habit of dropping the F bomb. I never did at work, at least not in front of students and their parents. Outside of school it was F this, O F, Fing thing a ma jib.

Now all I can say is WTF….


Diets that WORK

With the infinite number of books, blogs and nauseating ads for the perfect diet, even the non diet diets advertised, I am stumped to wonder why two particular diets proven to work, is never mentioned. Have you ever seen a tabloid headline with the words, BREAK-UP DIET, or WIDOW DIET.  Yet, oh my gosh how they work.

Sadly, though in order to succeed with the break up diet, first coined in my world, by my wonderfully talented friend Maryanne, you have to experience an unpleasant, unwanted divorce from a partner. Whether legally married or not I will be using the terms married and divorce to mean all actions the same without government interference. The term divorce meaning a separation to include such a parting of ways due to death.

Anyway, the thought occurred to me that my eating has slowed to a pace I emotionally prefer. Certainly, I never want anyone to feel emotional pain. That’s another subject. For now, I ask for thoughts about how to transform the weight loss of a break-up or death into a weight loss that doesn’t require these undesirable events.

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Promises, promises, promises

What is the criteria for a promise? An internet search defining a promise yields an earnest declaration to either do something or not do something. Children learn that a promise gives meaning to an intent. For example, a child promises to share their candy at lunch with another child. Before lunch the child who made the promise eats all their candy. Then, at lunchtime the child who was promised candy is disappointed. Regardless of how the promised child reacts is it ok that the promise was broken.

In a more serious, yet fairly common scenario, couples promise to love and cherish each other until death do them part. Then, they divorce. Is it ok that the promise was broken?

Parents may promise their children to take them to the zoo on a particular day. The day comes and the excited child is now disappointed because the parents say something else has come up. Going to the zoo has to be postponed. What circumstances are acceptable for the parent to renege their promise?

Is any adult free from ever breaking a promise? To judge whether or not a broken promise is justified probably needs the determination of what circumstances surround the situation. No doubt ‘it depends’ will determine whether a broken promise is justified. A broken promise to share candy may not be as detrimental as a broken promise to love and cherish’ til death do us part. Is it ok to forgive someone who broke a promise?

Is any adult free of ever breaking a promise? Is the declaration to promise taken for granted? Is it used when we are striving to get agreement with someone? Do broken promises seriously hinder a relationship? To what extent does keeping a promise  used as an excuse to take an action that might otherwise cause a problem. Is it worst to break a promise to yourself? Promises, promises, a perplexing concept,,,




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