With less than 48 hours until departure the sentiment I have for our cozy comfy cabin is welling up. Locking the door behind me when I venture out to the van Thursday night will be packed with emotion. Seeing this house was love at first sight. Like the first time my eyes met Ron’s, a flow of adrenal ran rapidly through my veins. “Look,” I squealed, “a salt box house.”

ISqtfhreaslahe1000000000Ron stopped the van alongside the ditch on the right side of the road. Slowly he backed up to the driveway. A realtor sign was shadowed next to the wooded lot. Without hesitation we bolted out of the truck. Immediately I ran to the back door then all four sides of the house. I cupped my hands around my eyes to glimpse at the interior of the house.

Knotty pine planks lined the walls and ceiling. Stairs led to a loft. On the front side of the house two rectangular shaped windows adorned the upper level. “Ron, Ron, where are you?” I called out. I took a few steps back away from the front porch.  There he was checking the planks and nails on the metal roof. I continued to sneak peeks inside. The fireplace was centered in the living room. There were two bedrooms downstairs and the kitchen was plenty big for the two of us.

Climbing back down the ladder Ron suggested we leave before we get in trouble for trespassing. Quickly I dialed the phone # of the realtor. “Wynell?” I asked when a voice answered. “Hi, um, we are interested in the house you have listed. I’m not sure exactly where we are. The house is grey with a loft and a slanted roof.” She said to wait there and she would meet us in about an hour.

From that day on Ron and I did all we could to make life in southern Colorado the best place we ever lived. Now, in about 16 hours I will lock the door behind me and drive back to whence I came, maybe forever, maybe for just a visit.