Well, it’s too late, now, baby it’s too late to post anything with 1 day til Departure because I already left,,,

Here are some words to live by:

                 It’s not about the place, it is about the people.

                 You can return to the place and the people you cannot return to the time.

                From a young poet, Liam, “stay put and keep going.”

              There is no cure for love, Leonard Cohen

             Quarrels amplify misunderstandings.

            Men and women can discover new shores when they garner the courage to let go

            sight of the shore they have been clinging to.

At the Wonderful World of Chinese where I had my last lunch in SOCO with my hiking friend Polly, here is the fortune that was tucked inside my crispy dessert cookie:

If it is meant to be, who are you to change that?

The pix below is where I am at the Luv’s Fuel and Sleep Over somewhere between OK City and the infamous Dallas, TX.    Happy Trails,,,