Ya Gotta Know Your Heart Will Break

Ya Gotta know you can’t fix it.

Ya Gotta accept that it will happen again, and again.

Ya Gotta know it can happen to a 4 year old, when their puppy dies or even when the ice cream gal is out of their favorite flavor.

Ya Gotta know that as a kid the first heart break might be from a friend who got mad and took their basketball home because you called her a boy. 

Ya Gotta admit a teen’s heart will break if they don’t make the softball team.

Ya Gotta accept that sometimes a best friend runs off to marry the guy you thought was your beau.

Ya Gotta accept that real heartaches begin when a child goes to heaven before their time.

Ya Gotta realize that despite your best efforts, your mate may leave you alone.

Ya gotta know that most parents die before we do.

Ya gotta realize that despite the pain, it’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna hurt real bad.

Lastly, Ya gotta know, ya gotta accept, ya gotta live forever with a broken heart

There just ain’t no fixing’ it.