Everyone who has ever sailed has had their first experience on board. Whether born on board to an adventurous couple or whether one was in their 50s, 60s, or even 70s, there is nothing like that first experience. If you were old enough to remember it, no doubt it is savored in your mental memory of other glorious first time events. O.K., O.K., there are some folks who set sail to a day of horror. Perhaps the weather was bad, the skipper was a cumundgeon of sorts, or you suffered the ravages of seasickness. The only memory that surpasses my first experience is watching someone else board my boat for their maiden voyage.

If a first time sailing adventure is in your past or your future stay tuned for an insightful remembrance by a new friend and sailing mate. It is expected to be posted by February 1, 2016.  (not sure why font size changed, this website is still a work in progress…..)