Welcome to Sassea Sails, my new work in progress. This website has taken several years to organize. It is a culmination of my dreams, adventures, and history. From running away to school at four years old to running away from my fears at 65, my life continues to be blessed.

The purpose of Sassea Sails is to benefit others. Despite the I, me, my musings and memoirs every word is designed to convey a thought, a skill, or a laugh that will put a smile on someone’s face.  Eventually I will have a fund raising category; not for me. Rather, it will be a method for making financial or in kind donations to those in need.

Currently, there are four categories which are listed above: quips and quotes, sailing, metaphorically speaking and learning. Click on each category. Then, puruse the articles. For now you can contact me through word press, I think. If not, encourage yourself to send a message via my e-mail: sailorhiker@gmail.com

Everything contained in this website is a culmination of what I have learned, explored, or discovered throughout my life. Appreciating my parents and grandparents underlies my desire to bring happiness to others. Whether I complete a solo circumnavigation or not is yet to be seen. As much as I continue to dream of such an undertaking I know Danny rests more peacefully in heaven when I am safely ashore.

Lastly, I invite you to join me aboard the metaphorical s/v Coupleship where I reside with a most handsome mate! It’s a lovely place, , ,