This quote written by Mary Oliver was sent to me by my sister.  It makes a great introduction to enhancing our lives.

I worried a lot. Will the garden grow? Will the rivers flow in the right direction? Will the earth turn as it was taught? If not, how will I correct it. Was I right? Was I wrong? Can I be forgiven? Can I do better? Will I ever be able to sing? The sparrows do it.  Is my eyesight fading?  Or, am I imagining it.  Am I going to get rheumatism, demetia or lockjaw?

Finally, I see that worrying came to nothing. And I gave up. Then, I took my old body outside in the morning and sang. 

IbisI know, I know it is an ibis, not a sparrow. More importantly the ibis is out walking. How about you? Write and tell me why you are or are not taking a walk today.